Mail Import can migrate the content of mailboxes hosted by a third-party IMAP email service (for example, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail) or managed by a control panel (for example, Plesk or cPanel) into mailboxes hosted on a Plesk server. Mail Import migrates mail in the following way:

  • Copies all IMAP folders (including custom folders) and emails contained in them.
  • Saves dates of migrated emails.
  • Preserves the “read” or “unread” status of migrated emails.
  • Does not delete emails from the source mailbox after migration.

Before using Mail Import, you may need to configure the source mailbox. Depending on your email service provider, you may need to do the following:

  • Allow IMAP access to the source mailbox.
  • In Gmail, allow access to less secure applications.
  • If you use Google 2-step verification, disable it for the duration of the import, or generate an application password and use it as the source password.