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Your Web Hosting Questions Answered


What is web hosting and why do I need it?

Web hosting is simply the process of renting out or buying space to house your website on the Internet. Your website and its content have to be served up by a server, which is essentially a computer that connects other web users to your site from anywhere in the world.

In essence, a web host is the accommodating host computer that’s giving your site a place to stay, and that will present the content of your site to anyone who visits your web address.

Can I transfer my web hosting to Biohost?

Definitely. for a limited time we offer FREE site transfers for new accounts within 30 days of signup. We’re committed to making web hosting easy and stress-free!

Can I upgrade my hosting plan later?

Certainly, we allow you a great deal of flexibility. You can upgrade your website hosting plan at any time. You may simply do it yourself or call us if you require assistance. For cancellations, you’ll need to provide us with a calendar month’s notice

Your Shared Web Hosting Questions Answered


What is shared hosting?

With shared hosting, there will be multiple sites using the resources of a single server. Usually, you’ll be partitioned a certain amount of server resources your site can utilize. Typically, shared hosting plans are some of the most affordable plans out there.

When you have a shared web hosting plan, you’ll have access to a certain portion of server resources, defined by the hosting company you end up choosing. You’ll typically have access to the server environment through an integrated control panel.

Shared hosting is also very beginner friendly, as server maintenance and any other necessary tasks are managed by the hosting company. The only thing you’re responsible for is your own website.

How does shared hosting work?

With shared hosting, multiple sites share the same hardware and software resources of a single physical server. Typically, a shared server has pre-installed scripts and software that every site on the server must utilize.

Think of it this way. Say there’s an apartment building that has dozens of apartments. Each apartment is a different website. But, the building’s resources like utilities and other apartment benefits are shared by each individual.

What's included with my shared web hosting plan?

Our Website Hosting Plans will give you everything you need to host your personal or company website. The plans include a free domain which will help you secure your presence online and our easy to use website builder called “ProBuilder”.

All hosting plans include the Award Winning website hosting control panel Plesk. Plesk will allow you to manage all aspects of your website hosting plan from the creating of email accounts, managing databases, backing up your website, viewing of your website statistics and offers a wide range of add-on’s that can assist you in improving your websites SEO and ranking.

How does shared hosting differ from dedicated and VPS hosting?

In a shared hosting environment, you’re sharing a server with dozens, hundreds, or even more websites. Compare this to dedicated hosting where you have an entire server all to yourself.

VPS hosting does share some similarities to shared hosting. For example, VPS hosting utilizes a single server, but that single server is then partitioned out into multiple virtual server environments. These server environments act in a similar manner to a dedicated hosting environment.

What are the benefits to using a shared hosting environment?

Shared hosting is the perfect fit for beginners who are just getting started online. Since shared hosting is typically geared towards beginners the setup process is usually very intuitive and the host handles the more complex tasks. By choosing a shared host you’ll also enjoy other benefits including:
* Cost savings as shared hosting is the cheapest form of hosting available
* Shared hosting can usually be easily upgraded to higher packages
* No technical skills required
* Built-in Plesk integration, so site management is a breeze(Our preferred platform over Panel)

What are the negatives to using shared hosting?

Shared hosting isn’t the perfect hosting environment for every kind of website owner. Sure, it’s cheap, has high uptime, and is very easy to manage, but it still has some drawbacks, such as:
* The loading speed can be much slower than dedicated server environments
* There’s a chance your site’s performance can be affected by other sites sharing the same server
* If your site’s traffic levels increase you may see a lag in performance
* You won’t be able to customize your server environment for improved performance

What kind of user would benefit most from shared hosting?

Shared hosting is geared towards beginners. If this is your first time building a website and you’d like to host your own site but outsource a lot of the complex technical tasks, then shared hosting is a great choice.

If you have a high-traffic website or a very large website, then you’ll want to look into other hosting options, like dedicated servers, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, or even WordPress-specific hosting.

Your Guide to Becoming an Expert


Moving your hosting to Biohost?

The following guides will assist you in moving your hosting to Biohost, please choose a topic
* Importing a Website
* Importing Mails

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