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Plesk Onyx Help Centre

Video Tutorials

Your How to guide

If you are new to Plesk, video tutorials are a great way to get started.
Here you can find both basic and more advanced tutorials that cover a number of Plesk management operations.

Changing Contact Information
Learn how to change your contact information.

Changing the Plesk Password
Learn how to change the password that you use to log in to Plesk.

Changing Hosting Subscription Password
Learn how to change the password that you use to access your hosting subscription files via FTP, SSH or RDP.

Mail Accounts
Learn how to add a mail account for one of your domains.

Mail Aliases
Learn how to create an additional forwarding email address to your mail account.

Mail Auto Responders
Learn how to configure your email address to automatically respond to all incoming email with a predefined message.

Mail Forwarders
Learn how to turn your mail account into a forwarder that will send all incoming messages to the new mail address.

Creating Domain Aliases
Learn how to set up additional (alternative) domain names for your website.

Creating Databases and Database Users
Learn how to create databases and database users in Plesk.

Creating a Server Backup
Learn how to make a full backup of all data related to your Plesk installation, including service plans, user accounts, sites, databases and mailboxes.

Creating a Subdomain
Learn how to add a subdomain to a domain associated with your subscription.

Creating a Web Site
Learn how to add an additional domain in your subscription.

FTP Accounts
This tutorial explains how to setup FTP access to your hosting subscription: you will learn how to add, edit and remove FTP accounts.

Spam Protection
How to protect your mail from spam in Plesk.

Protecting Site Content from Direct Linking (Hotlinking)
Learn how to prevent other people from linking to images on your site.

Running Node.js Application in Plesk
Learn how to add and manage Node.js applications in Plesk.

Creating a Password-Protected Directory
Learn how to restrict access to a site diretory with a password and add authorized users.

Securing Mail Server
Learn how to secure Mail Server with SSL/TLS certificate.

Securing Webmail
Learn how to secure webmail with an SSL/TLS certificate.

Learn how to protect domain’s DNS data with DNSSEC protocol.

Learn how to provide in Plesk applications that run in Docker containers.

Git Repository with a Local Source
Learn how to create Git repository using a local repository and to deploy files to the web site.

Git Repository with a Remote Source
Learn how to create Git repository using a remote repository and deploy files to the web site.

Learn how to deploy a Ruby application on a web site and to run rake tasks.

File Manager
Learn how to manage the content of your website’s directories using the File Manager.

Wordpress Toolkit
Learn how to manage your WordPress installations.

Setting Up Managed Wordpress Hosting
Learn how to preinstall WordPress together with your own plugins and themes on customer’s domains.

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